The start price is for a sketch, you can add extra for grayscale or color.
please read my TOS before order.

i do

• Any age
• Any gender
• Many species (Fur, Mecha, Pony, Alien, etc)
• Some blood
• Suggestive (Ask)

i don't

• Explicit content
• Hate stuff
• Detailed background
• Vent art
• NFT or AI


PRICE: 20 usdgrayscale/flatcolor: +10 usd
fullcolor: +15 usd


icon: 10 usd
fullbody: 20 usd
grayscale/flatcolor:+10 usd
fullcolor: +15 usd


6,5 usd NO COLOR
12,5 usd COLORED
CLOTHES OPTIONS: Hoodie, Sweater, T-shirt
(Little bubble is optional)


15 usd for one
25 usd for two
Buying 3, 4 or 5 = 10 usd each one

Terms of serdtsie

• Only personal use.• You can repost the piece.• You must give me credit. You can't cover or erase my signature.• All payment must be made before or after the rough sketch.• You must send clear references, details, color paletes and whatever is needed for your commission.Price is per chara. Pets and other creatures cout as characters. (In case of small pets/creatures only +50% -or less- of the amount).Detailed characters, objects, plushies, weapons and other stuff have extra charge.• There's no refund once i started the artwork.• Small changes are free, big changes have an extra charge.• I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue a commission at any time.• I reserve the right to use your commission for examples of my art (with watermarks).• A design fee will be charged for clients with no reference images that would like me to draw from a description, photos, etc.• Assume responsibility for any important information and clear descriptions/references you fail to provide me that results in my inability to complete your commission to your full satisfaction.